Promises Campaign

Keeping Our Promises to Our Children

The Campaign to Finish Our School

Raising the American Flag
Saint John's Catholic Prep Founded 1829
Dr Thomas H Powell, President

In 1829, Fr. John McElroy, SJ, made a promise to build a contemporary Catholic high school for the students of Frederick, Maryland. He not only fostered the Catholic faith, but he promised to build educated citizens for our nation.

We keep faith with his promise, by fulfilling ours to ensure that students at Catholic Prep have a campus that supports them in building their minds, their bodies and their faiths.

We need to fulfill that promise by finishing our high school.

Future Home of the Vikings

Building Plan Update

Construction Update (aerial photos by Greg Solek '20)

Promises Campaign 2019-2020 Building Plan

Letter from the President

Most of us remember our high school days. When we look back at this critical time in our lives, it was a time of becoming the persons we are today. My high school days, which I suspect were typical, were times of new learning about myself and our world. So much of my high school experience was about my Catholic high school, the lifetime friendships I formed there and my experiences both in the classrooms and after school.

For many of us, athletics were a central part of our high school experience. Whether we played or cheered for our teams, athletics were the common ground that bound us together and served as the foundation for our joint experiences.

It is no different today. While today’s teenagers have many distractions, it is sports that helps to teach them new lessons. It is sports that provides the respite from their electronically connected world. It is athletics that teaches them about sportsmanship, good competition, and pushing themselves to achieve a common goal.

At Saint John’s Catholic Prep, we pride ourselves in a comprehensive scholastic athletic program that involves 224 students in our 19 sports athletic programs. This is a staggering 74% of our student body. We compete in two athletic conferences comprised of 50 private schools throughout Maryland. Our students have the opportunity to travel to some of our nation’s most beautiful campuses with athletic facilities that rival many colleges.

Sadly, most of our student-athletes do not have home fields for practice or competition. They travel to leased fields, giving them neither a sense of pride nor allowing them to share their beloved high school with visiting teams. As they travel to other schools they see beautiful fields, stadiums, tracks, and outdoor amenities that characterize contemporary high school facilities.

When Catholic Prep moved its campus, we made a promise to our students. That promise was to build contemporary athletic fields for our students. We knew that keeping that promise would not be easy. Keeping that promise would mean self-sacrifice, hard work, and an ongoing commitment to comprehensive Catholic education. We need to keep that promise and we need to do that now.

I know you have many demands for your resources. My request is for you to join us in devoting some of your resources to building a lasting legacy for our students and the many generations of students who will attend Catholic Prep.

While we may be the oldest Catholic high school in Maryland, we have one of the newest facilities and it is not finished. I hope you will help us keep our promise to our students.

With my prayer that God will continue to bless you and your family with His grace,

I am,


Promises to Keep

Naming Opportunities

Many donors wish to honor their families or other loved ones through a permanent naming opportunity. We are offering the following for this campaign:


Altar $5,000
Stained Glass Windows $2,500
Stained Glass Door $4,000  
Stations $2,500
Mary Statue $3,000
St. Joseph Statue $3,000
Ambo $1,000
Seats (35) $500 3/35

Chapel Design

Chapel Design

Athletic Stadium

Athletic Stadium    
Overall Stadium $250,000  
Turf Field $100,000  
Scoreboard $75,000  
Bleachers $40,000  
Concession Stand $30,000
Main Gate $25,000
Press Box $10,000
Flagpoles (2) $5,000 1/2
Bleacher Row (40) $1,000 15/40
Pavers (800) $500  

Music Room

Music Room    
Room Name $25,000
Instrument Storage Center $10,000  
Percussion Center $10,000  
Band and Choral Library $10,000  

Art Room

Art Room    
Room Name $25,000  
Paint Center $10,000  
Graphics Center $10,000  
Art Supply Center $10,000  

Baseball Field

Baseball Field    
Field Name $75,000  
Scoreboard $15,000  
Backstop $10,000  
Flagpole $5,000  
Dugouts (2) $10,000 1/2
Bleachers (2) $10,000  
Pavers (800) $500  

Softball Field

Softball Field    
Field Name $75,000  
Scoreboard $15,000  
Backstop $10,000  
Flagpole $5,000  
Dugouts (2) $10,000  
Bleachers (2) $10,000  
Pavers (800) $500  


Track Name $150,000  
Jump Area $20,000  
Throw Area $20,000  
Pavers (300) $500  


Named Scholarship $50,000
Viking Scholarship (10) $5,000 1/10

Special Areas

Special Areas    
Multi-Purpose Room $25,000  
International Office $10,000  
Conference Room $10,000

Ways to Give

You may make a gift to our Promises Campaign in the form of cash, pledges, securities, or
planned gifts. Pledges may be made over five years (2018-2023) in whatever increments
that are most comfortable for you.

All designated gifts will be deposited in a restricted account held by Columbia Bank. The
Board of Trustees will only authorize spending for specific projects when sufficient funds
are raised. A strict accounting of funds will be provided to donors.

Cash- You may make a gift by cash or check. Cash gifts are deductible as provided by law.

Pledges- You may make a pledge to the campaign through 2023 (up to 60 months). Pledges
may allow you to contribute a larger gift than would be possible in any given tax year. We
ask that at least 10% of the pledge be paid at the time of the pledged gift.

Securities- Securities can provide an attractive means of giving. Through this type of
gift, you can receive the charitable income tax deduction and avoid paying tax on capital
gains that would otherwise be due if the securities were sold. In some cases, you may even
be able to carry a “loss” for a multi-year period.

Matching Gifts- Some employers will offer to match your gift or pledge, and you will
receive credit for the entire contribution. Your company can tell you if Saint John’s Catholic
Prep will qualify for a matching gift.

Planned Giving- One of the best ways to grow our scholarship endowment is through
planned gifts of estates. This allows the donor to leave a legacy that will directly help
students in the future. The typical planned gift is through a bequest in a person’s will. You
may give a certain percentage of your estate or other holdings after your family and loved
ones are provided for.

Life Insurance- Some donors wish to donate to Catholic Prep by naming us as a beneficiary and owner of a life insurance policy. Some donors use already existing policies to make a donation by assigning the beneficiary as Catholic Prep. Using this form of gift may have particular tax advantages for the donor.


Print and Mail:

First page of the PDF file: PromisesCampaignIntent
First page of the PDF file: PromisesCampaignBrick
First page of the PDF file: PromisesCampaignPaymentPlan


Nancy Fay

Director of Advancement