Giving Tuesday

WE DID IT! THANK YOU for your generosity on Giving Tuesday. We have raised OVER $29,000 in 24 hours. We unlocked ALL of our challenges. Thank you to Jim and Cary Plamondon, Dr. Powell, Rehab 2 Perform, and Wishes Family Travel for sponsoring these gifts.
Thank you for supporting Saint John's Catholic Prep and our students.
Giving Tuesday November 27, 2018

Thank You Giving Tuesday Donors!

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rogers
Ms. Susan Swensen
Mrs. Maria Bedard
Mrs. Ashley Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kinley
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Danner
Gerard and Ilse DelGrippo
Mr. Kenny William McClain II
Dr. Deborah E. Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gondeck
Janet Ryczko
Jamie G. Gaynor
Mrs. Victoria M. Johnston
Mr. Kevin O'Rourke
Bryan Grove
Mrs. Patty Scherer
Mrs. Rebecca Ann Stup
Marty and Jeanette Mitchell
Jill and Andrew Seaman
Linda and John Petrie
Laurie and Steven Orlowski
Diana and Robert Seymour
Dawn Miller
Ms. Mary Charuhas
Ed and Carol Goundry
L.F. and D.A. Stevens
Nima and Jamie Hendi
John and Christine Johnson
Tim Petrie
Mark and Theresa Crissman
Bernard Mambo
Robert and Beth Saylor
Gary and Jody Petrakes
Miss Kelly A. Crowley
Mrs.  Adrienne Rosone
Mr. Michael Schultz
Ms. Emily Kathleen Tolino
Eric Cotton and Erin Smith
Mrs. Diane Bosser
Richard Casabar
Michael Lawrence Haley
Mrs. Sandra Splaine
Mr. William Thomas Grove
Taylor Grace Rogers
Mrs. Kateri O'Connell Delaplaine
Emily Kinley
Mr. Samuel Hardy
Catherine Hall
Zara McAfee
Tim Van Schaick
Miss Lydia G. Urban
Mrs. Emily Whittington
Joe and Allison Catalani
Miss Elizabeth Ballantyne
Mr. Michael Garner
Diane Keser
Blue Shapiro
Zach Collins
Greg Solek
Drew Strayton
Brady Gerst
Chris Stitz
Shay Grieser
Nick Brandt
Zachary Whittington
Mr. James Plamondon, Jr.
Mrs. Denise A. Adams
Mrs. Jean Ballantyne
Kathleen Costlow
Mr. Dan C. Strayton
Ms. Thanh Tran
Doreen Tregoning
Pam Pease
Linda Stevens
Carol Welty
Clarence Ambush
Eugene Ambush
Buster Keys
Shawn Rathman
Patsy Caron
Stan Robey
Matt & Marybeth Warner
Jean Trettel
Mrs. Remy Alvarez
Lisa and Patrick White
Ana Rodriguez Amaro
Will and Alison Knotek
Mrs. Paulette Anders
Alfret Shakesprere
Jeannette Petrie
Ms. Maggie Ballantyne
Mrs. Terri DeLloyd
Mrs. Lauree Johna Vandegrift
Janet M. Garner
Mr. Phillip Mees
Mrs. Mary Catherine Grove
Mrs. Patty Hargis
Mrs. Theresa Tepe
Mr. Joseph Eugene Jancuk
Ms. Sheila Renae Evers
Ms. Stephanie Kurtyka
Dr. Frances Kay Huebner
Mr. John Miller
Pat and Molly Crowley
Tom and Irene Powell
Mrs. Charlotte Roby
Tyler and Laura Anne Catalani
Jeffrey Neuman
Amy Baum
Mr. Zac Petersen
Mrs. Wanda Hardin
Sheila A. Shranatan
Jean-Claude and Marie Louis
Bailey Joseph Rogers
Mr. David Nett
Ms. Christina Contreras
Lourdes Rubino
Beth Gruneisen
Mrs. Clare S. Langley
Meg Thomas
Ms. Danielle Ransom
Mrs. Elizabeth Alvarado-Smith
The Nishimoto Family
Dr. Anne M. MacLarty
Mr. Bill Ballantyne
Mr. David Chambers
John Nelson
Mr. Mitchell Kelman
Nancy Fay
Dawn Strayton
Mrs. Rosemary Piraino
Mrs. Ann Reise Buyalos
Daniel Evers
Miss Sarah Grace Vandegrift
Mr. Matthew Alexander Vandegrift
Mrs. Angel Rutsch
Jeff and Rebecca Crockett
Michael O'Leary
Mr. Brian Plamondon
Mrs. May-Lin Adams
Maria Hill
Peter Strickland
Mr. Vincent M. Ceci
Greg Ross
Miss Morgan Kayley Ryczko
Mrs. Verona Paula Leahy
Ms. Linda C. Dinsmore
Mr. Alex Collins
Mrs. Kimberly Brenengen
Ms. Susan Howard
Rick and Cindy Streett
Patrick and Georgia Grover
Brian Prevost Murphy
Jackson Bittner
Taylor Grover
John Ballantyne
Chuck Pessagno
Lisa Hickman
Mrs. Karen Eaton
Jan Hollenbeck
Thomas Gondeck
John Fitzgibbons
Deborah May
Koesoema Foley
Colleen Crowley
Mrs. Mary Coajou
John and Michele Corr
Stephen M. Nigida Jr.
Miss Haylee Rae Orlowski
Ms. Lynne Brisbane
Mrs. Stephanie Rocca Wilbur
Alex Massi
Georgine Kucharyk
Ann McSherry Chafey
Mr. & Mrs. TJ Frazier
Mr. Laurence Laskin
Mark and Elizabeth Bandy

Make a Donation to Unlock a Challenge Gift!

Total Challenge 150 total donations unlock the Jim and Cary Plamondon Challenge Gift of $5,000.
Current Parents Challenge 60 donations from Current Parents unlock the Dr. Powell Challenge Gift of $1,000.
Alumni Challenge 35 donations from Alumni unlock the Rehab 2 Perform Challenge Gift of $350.
Faculty & Staff Challenge 25 donations from Faculty & Staff unlock the Wishes Family Travel - Maggie Ballantyne  Challenge Gift of $250.


Giving Tuesday FAQs

When is the Giving Tuesday?


Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

What is the Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a 24 hour virtual event that calls all Saint John’s Catholic Prep alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, and friends to make an online donation to SJCP and spread the word about the day via social media.

How will my donation be used?

You decide! Your gift may be unrestricted, providing SJCP with financial flexibility and stability to address areas of greatest need, or you may designate your gift. Whatever you choose, your gift will have an impact on our students THIS YEAR.

What are the challenge gifts?

Challenges were designed so that your gift to SJCP on Giving Tuesday can unlock even more money for our school. We have had generous donors and companies agree to pose challenges in order to raise more money and increase our participation rate on this day of giving.

For example, Wishes Family Travel-Maggie Ballantyne will donate $250 on Giving Tuesday if 25 faculty and staff members make donations. When 25 faculty and staff members make donations of ANY amount, the Wishes Family Travel- Maggie Ballantyne donation will be unlocked and added to the total.

I can't afford to make a large gift. Will my donation really make a difference?

Yes! Gifts of all sizes (even $10!) will make a difference. In the fiscal year 2017-18,  over $22,000 was raised from gifts of less than $250. Your donation can also unlock more money through our challenge gifts. Every gift improves SJCP’s donor participation rate and will directly enhance the educational experience of each one of our students.

How do I make a gift?

We know how valuable your time is, so we've made the process of donating on Giving Tuesday quick and easy.

On November 27, 2018:

1. Visit on your laptop, tablet or phone.

2. Click on the “Make A Gift” button.

3. Complete the brief form, enter your credit card information, and submit.

Besides making a donation, how else can I help?

Help spread the word via e-mail and social media! Below you will find posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Share! Share! Share! Please be sure to use #GivingTuesday #SJCPDayofGiving

Is my gift to Giving Tuesday tax-deductible?

Yes! All gifts made on Giving Tuesday are considered a donation to SJCP. Your gift will be acknowledged with a receipt for your tax records from the Advancement Office.

Additional questions? Please contact us!

We are happy to answer any additional questions you have about Giving Tuesday. Please contact Maggie Ballantyne ‘12, Advancement and Communications Specialist, at or call 301-662-4210.

Follow us on Facebook @saintjohnsprep, Twitter @SJCPrep, and Instagram @sjcprep.

And Share your post using #SJCPDayofGiving #GivingTuesday