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Academic Support

Academic Support

Director of Academic Support

Janet Ryczko

Janet Ryczko

Director of Academic Support, Teacher
One of the many reasons we decided to enroll our child at SJCP, was the Seton Program. Having a student with accommodations can make parents anxious and wanting to be assured they are in good hands. When we met Ms. Ryczko, we felt an immediate calm and trust, that she has got this. I can’t say enough about the communication, advice, and energy she has brought to us as parents and to our child. There was not one unanswered email (and there have been many), that she didn’t answer every question with good information and always a good idea or method for a solution and followed through with her ideas. Ms. Ryczko has always gone out of her way to have impromptu meetings with us and our son and always with nothing but genuine concern to better our son’s future and keeping us informed while doing it. Ms. Ryczko has always tried to instill confidence and good learning skills with our son and has never wavered or left one stone unturned with him. As parents, we absolutely without question love what she has done for us and we know our son will become a better person because of it.  Ms. Ryczko, you rock!!!!!~ SJCP Parents

The goal of academic support services at Saint John’s Catholic Prep is to help every student become confident and successful on his or her academic journey. SJCP has several options for students requiring additional support to effectively access our college preparatory curriculum. These supports include:

  • after school office hours with faculty and/or peer tutors (NHS),

  • the after school Prep Center for help from our Director of Academic Support on general academic organizational, time management and planning skills,

  • development of a formal accommodation plan for students with documented learning differences,

  • the addition of a resource class (Seton Scholars Class) for student with a formal learning plan who may need more intensive weekly support.

Tips & Tools for Better Learning

All students occasionally need additional support to find success during their academic career. Our Tips and Tools for Better Learning provides information on a variety strategies and resources to succeed academically in high school and future post-secondary education opportunities.  (Resources provided by University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.)

Our academic support and counseling staff are always available to meet with students individually for specific needs or concerns. Students are also encouraged to visit our Prep Center, after school on Mondays – Thursdays, to work with our resource teacher on strengthening their study skills and to help with planning and organizing their work.