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Some Thoughts on the Rosary

Advent Calendar


Every school day during Advent, we will read a short passage from the Gospel of John that will be added to our Advent Calendar. We are doing this to familiarize ourselves with the person of Jesus Christ through the perspective of our school's namesake, St. John.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Sun, Nov 25
Mon, Nov 26
Tue, Nov 27
Wed, Nov 28
Thu, Nov 29
Fri, Nov 30
Sat, Dec 1
Sun, Dec 2
Mon, Dec 3
Tue, Dec 4
Wed, Dec 5
Thu, Dec 6
Fri, Dec 7
Sat, Dec 8
Sun, Dec 9
Tue, Dec 11
Wed, Dec 12
Thu, Dec 13
Fri, Dec 14
Sat, Dec 15
Sun, Dec 16
Mon, Dec 17
Tue, Dec 18
Wed, Dec 19
Thu, Dec 20
Fri, Dec 21
Sat, Dec 22
Sun, Dec 23
Mon, Dec 24
Tue, Dec 25
Wed, Dec 26
Thu, Dec 27
Fri, Dec 28
Sat, Dec 29
Sun, Dec 30
Mon, Dec 31
Tue, Jan 1
Wed, Jan 2
Thu, Jan 3
Fri, Jan 4
Sat, Jan 5

Weekly Memo

Campus Ministry Minute

Campus Ministry Minute Gallery

Kate Quinn

Director of Campus Ministry, Teacher - Theology

Fr. Michael Kuhn

Campus Chaplain

Fr. Larry Frazier

Campus Chaplain

Dawn Miller

Teacher - Theology, Music Minister