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FOCE Food Gift Cards

You can earn tuition credits!  It is as easy as buying groceries!

Several years ago, Friends of Catholic Education (FOCE) initiated a FOOD GIFT CARD PROGRAM to assist parents in reducing the cost of tuition at the Catholic schools in Frederick County. FOCE is able to purchase gift cards at a discount from the following major grocery chains:  GIANT, GIANT EAGLE, FOOD LION, SAFEWAY and WEIS.

The discount that FOCE receives is passed on to parents who purchase the gift cards as tuition credits. Gift cards ordered from the above grocery stores earn a 4 percent tuition credit. 

For example, if you purchase $100 of Weis gift cards every week for a full year; you will earn $4.00/week or $208.00/year in tuition credits that are directly applied to your tuition bill. You can earn more credits by having family members and friends purchase cards through you and have those credits applied to your tuition account.

Participation in the program is easy. Purchase gift cards at face value by placing an order with the SJCP captain. 

For additional information or orders:

Email our FOCE Food Gift Card Captain

Friends of Catholic Education