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Cancellation & Delay Policy

In the event of inclement weather, we will follow Frederick County (MD) Public Schools If FCPS does not have school that day, we will make the decision independently. 

As a college preparatory school, we are always committed to protecting instructional time. 

  • We will aim to announce any delays/cancellations to the community by 6 AM. This information will be shared on our website, social media pages, and by an email/text to parents and guardians.
  • If FCPS calls for a 2-hour delay, that will be a 1-hour delay for us. We will begin school at 10 AM. The Delay Schedule is listed below.
  • If FCPS calls for an early dismissal, students will be dismissed for the day at 1 PM. This will ensure 4 hours of school, essentially what is needed to make the day “count”. It also allows time for all students to get lunch before leaving for the day.
  • In review of our calendar days, we have decided to make a change to our inclement weather (snow day) policy. Moving forward, a cancellation of “in-person” instruction by FCPS will mean asynchronous instruction will take place on the first day in which we close school for inclement weather. Teachers will post assignments by 9 AM that day, and students will be able to work on them at their own pace throughout the day (similar to our former Friday). Should the following day require us to close the building, we will resume synchronous instruction (following our bell schedule).

When school is closed or delayed, SJCP will alert the community via:


Delayed Opening Schedule