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Cancellation & Delay Policy

In the event of inclement weather, we will follow Frederick County (MD) Public Schools If FCPS does not have school that day, we will make the decision independently. 

Please note: As a college preparatory school, we are always committed to protecting instructional time. While we cannot control the number of snow days we will have throughout any given year, we can make efforts to ensure that learning continues despite time out from school. Students should check their Google Classroom class pages on snow days to see if any work has been assigned to them. Assigning work on snow days will be at the discretion of each teacher and must be posted by 10 am if it is to be due the next school day.

When school is closed or delayed, SJCP will alert the community via:

We will NEVER start school later than 10 am. This applies to Fridays as well. A two-hour delay on Friday would mean school starts at 10 am, despite our typical 9 am start.

We will follow the Two-hour Delay Schedules below:

Two-Hour Delay Schedule for Monday-Thursday

Two-Hour Day Schedule for Friday