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Parents' Council

Mission Statement

To provide a forum for families, administrators and educators of Saint John’s Catholic Preparatory School to collaborate and create a vibrant learning community for all students.

The Parents’ Council aims to ensure seamless communication between faculty, administration and the families of Saint John’s Catholic Preparatory School to enhance student success while following our five pillars: Faith, Leadership, Scholarship, Honor and Service.

What is the role of the Parents’ Council?

Parents’ Council members serve as representatives of all the families of SJCP. As such, they are liaisons between the faculty/staff of SJCP and the families. They meet monthly to bring issues to the Administration and serve as a discussion group for ideas/issues brought to them by the Administration.

Parents’ Council members are encouraged to participate in school activities and help to motivate other family’s participation, and will at times be asked to volunteer to help facilitate certain events.

Who serves on the Parents’ Council?

Parents’ Council members are, first and foremost, volunteers. They give of their time and talent to meet monthly with the SJCP Administration to discuss topics of interest to the families of SJCP and to the Administration. There is no particular term of service.

Program Goals

  • Improve communication between SJCP Administration/Staff and SJCP families
  • Foster collaboration and creativity in the education of the students
  • Encourage family involvement in and support of school activities

Class of 2018 Parent Representatives

Maria Bedard

Ena Bromley

Polly Karpowicz

Beth Ann McRoberts

Brigitte Nkamsi Nomen – Chairperson

Class of 2019 Parent Representatives

Michaela Bealmear

Lynne Brisbane

Ilse DelGrippo

Laura Frazier

Carole Sepe – Vice Chairperson

Sherill Stitz

Cindy Streett

Class of 2020 Parent Representatives

Paula Babcock

Annie Diaz

Karen Solek

Class of 2021 Parent Representatives

Donna & Tom Hanley

Nancy Fay

Beth Suit

Drake Russell