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Game Day Volunteer Program

The Viking Athletic Department is starting a new program aimed at creating school pride, teaching responsibility and teamwork, and giving students an opportunity to be involved in our athletic games and receive services hours needed for graduation. A maximum of 10 volunteers will be selected each season. Volunteers will be assigned games and be expected to work the assigned games. Failure to work on a scheduled gameday will result in disqualification from program participation. All volunteers must remain in good standing with the school, classes, and grades. Volunteers will be provided a program shirt and be required to wear it while working events.

Gameday Volunteer Duties for Your Assigned Events

Prior to the event:
  • Assist in any facility preparation (goals, corner flags, yard markers, net set up, chair set up, etc.).
  • Facility Appearance  (pick up any loose trash).
  • Press Box or Scorer’s Table preparation (daktronics, audio).
  • Official Liaison (work with game officials).
  • Duties as assigned.
During the event:
  • Hospitality (assist in fan questions and needs, represent SJCP).
  • Facility Appearance.
  • Press Box or Scorer’s Table (operate scoreboard, audio controls).
  • Report issues or concerns to Game Manager.
  • Duties as assigned.
Following the event:
  • Facility Appearance (clean up trash).
  • Assist with equipment storage.
  • Press Box or Scorer’s Table (secure all equipment).
  • Duties as Assigned.



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Please Note

Completion of this Game Day Volunteer Application DOES NOT guarantee you will be selected for the program. You will be contact when a decision has been made.