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Coaching Staff

Sean Abercrombie

Boys' Basketball (Varsity) - Assistant Coach

Tim Abercrombie

Boys' Basketball (Varsity) - Head Coach

Bo Adams

Softball - Assistant Coach

Jerry Appiah

Boys' Soccer (Junior Varsity) - Head Coach

Jeff April

Football - Assistant Coach

Darrell Armstrong

Maintenance Technician, Boys' Basketball (Junior Varsity) - Head Coach

Brigid Ayer

Girls' Lacrosse (Junior Varsity) - Head Coach

Mary Coajou

Cheerleading - Co-Head Coach

Scott Dinant

Football - Assistant Coach

Luciano Donoso

Football - Assistant Coach

Michelle Ennis

Cheerleading - Co-Head Coach

Omar Enriquez

Baseball - Head Coach

Jen Foss

Volleyball (Varsity) - Assistant Coach, Volleyball (Junior Varsity) - Head Coach

Matthew Frace

Teacher - Technology, Assistant to the Athletic Director

Vic Goeller

Boys' Lacrosse (Varsity) - Head Coach

Steve Grimes

Football - Assistant Coach

Pat Haley

Football - Assistant Coach

Hugh Hatfield

Girls' Soccer (Varsity) - Assistant Coach

Jodi Hathaway

Girls' Lacrosse (Varsity) - Head Coach

Daryl Hayes

Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, Football - Head Coach, Track & Field (Varsity) - Head Coach

Mitchell Kelman

Technology Support Specialist, Boys' Soccer (Varsity) - Assistant Coach

Lawrence (Buster) Keyes

Football - Assistant Coach

Emily Kurtyka

Enrollment Specialist, Seton Program Resource Teacher, Girls' Volleyball (Varsity) - Head Coach

Linus Louketis

Girls' Soccer (Varsity) - Head Coach

Bernard Mambo

Teacher - Foreign Language (French), Tennis (Varisty) - Assistant Coach, Girls' Soccer (Junior Varsity) - Assistant Coach, Girls' Basketball (Varsity) - Assistant Coach

Brian Martin

Girls' Basketball (Varsity) - Head Coach

Adrienne McCarrick

Girls' Basketball (Varsity) - Assistant Coach

Beth Ann McRoberts

Girls' Cross Country - Head Coach, Indoor Track - Head Coach

Billy McRoberts

Boys' Cross Country - Head Coach, Indoor Track - Assistant Coach, Baseball - Assistant Coach

Phillip Mees

Teacher - Social Studies, Assistant to Athletic Director, Golf (Club) - Co-Head Coach, Boys' Lacrosse (Varsity) - Assistant Coach

Tony Murray

Girls' Basketball (Junior Varsity) - Head Coach

Derek Newton

Football - Assistant Coach

Brian Nogay

Teacher - Science, Golf (Club) - Co-Head Coach

Tom Noonan

Boys' Soccer (Varsity) - Head Coach

Chris Patton

Football - Assistant Coach

Anil Periera

Football - Assistant Coach

Jerry Rogers

Football - Assistant Coach

Kevin Smith

Softball - Head Coach

Kristin Tippett

Girls' Lacrosse (Varsity) - Assistant Coach

Stuart Wilson

Boys' Basketball (Varsity) - Assistant Coach