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Bryan Grove - Class of 1990

As a 1990 graduate of Saint John’s, Bryan Grove was just one of many Groves to pass through the halls of this institution. Bryan’s siblings- Bud, Mike, Dave, Rob and Mary Catherine all attended Saint John’s, as did his nieces and nephew- Will, Paige, and Emily. Bryan’s son, Josh, is currently a sophomore at Saint John’s.

During his four years here, Bryan played one year of soccer, three years of baseball and four years of basketball. He participated in Student Government for all four years as well.  Some of his best memories are riding the old vans to sporting events, and the occasional roadside maintenance they had to do on those vans. He has fond memories of great philosophical conversations with Mr. Ed Hoffman, and he remembers the patience of all the teachers who helped him along the way. The graduating class in 1990 was 27 students, so they all knew each other very well and created wonderful and cherished memories together. Bryan keeps up with his old friends on social media.

Bryan was born and raised in Frederick, MD, and after completing his four years at Saint John’s, he moved on to the University of Charleston (WV) where he received his BS in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training. He has worked in and around the healthcare industry since college graduation. He is currently working with the Maryland Proton Treatment Center, which is the only center in Maryland to offer Proton Therapy. Proton Therapy is a highly advanced and precise form of radiation for the treatment of cancer. After losing his mother to cancer, fighting and beating this horrific disease has become a passion of his.

Bryan and his wife, Becky, live in Westminster, MD and will be celebrating 20 wonderful years of marriage this spring. Becky is a Sonographer and has an office in Frederick. They have two children: Josh, Saint John’s Class of 2020, and Tyler, who is in 7th grade. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys coaching youth lacrosse and football in the Westminster area. He spends his winters down at his family farm doing some hunting with his brothers. The Grove family has, for many years, generously donated a goose hunting trip at the family farm to help raise money for the school. Saint John’s greatly appreciates the generosity of the Grove family!

With a child currently at the school, Bryan has spent a lot of time on campus. He encourages all alumni to come and check out the new campus. “They are doing amazing things at the school. I know it’s not the mansion, but it’s A LOT warmer than the old place was.”

We love that the Grove legacy lives on through Josh, and hopefully in a couple years, Tyler. We thank Bryan for sharing the story of his life since graduation.  If you would like to share your story, contact