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Class of 1965 Meets for Lunch in February

Members of the Class of 1965 began meeting in August 2013 for lunch every other month at FSK Post 11, The American Legion in Frederick. Below are pictures from the luncheons.

(l to r seated): Sally Dodd Burdette, Linda Baumgardner Gilbert, Gini Huebner, Vic Russell (Frederick HS Class of 1965) & Paul Brunner (Walkersville HS Class of 1965), (l to r standing): Bill Hoover, Joe Creager,  Rick Stup, Ricky Moss (Frederick HS Class of 1965) & Mike Willard.

Class of 1965

(l to r) Vic Russell (Frederick HS Class of 1965), Gini Huebner, Mike Willard, Ricky Moss (Frederick HS Class of 1965), Butch Brust, Bob DeGrange (SJH Class of 1966),  Rick Stup & Bob Marrone.