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Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarships

Education - The best investment for your child's future!

Investing in the best possible education to prepare your child for college is invaluable. The high school years are when students learn important skills to help them succeed in life, that is why a faith-based college prep education from Saint John's Catholic Prep is so important.
Your investment in a Saint John's Catholic Prep education pays off! Learn more about our Guaranteed College Acceptance Program.
Class of 2024 Graduates

Click on the presentation below to learn more about financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

First page of the PDF file: FinancialAidandScholarshipsPPTFall2023


All scholarships and financial aid will be awarded in the spring semester to be applied toward the upcoming school year.  Because a limited amount of aid is available, it is important that families carefully follow the application instructions and deadlines.