All scholarships and financial aid will be awarded in the spring semester to be applied toward the upcoming school year. Because a limited amount of aid is available, it is important that families carefully follow the application instructions and deadlines.

Need-based aid is awarded via the Financial Assistance Committee each year at Saint John’s

The Community Foundation of Frederick County Tuition Grants

Delaplaine Tuition Grants

Friends of Catholic Education Tuition Grants

Saint John’s Financial Need Tuition Grants

Who is Eligible? Current students and incoming freshmen with financial need are eligible.

How do I apply? Please contact the admissions office to request information.

Merit-based scholarships are available at Saint John’s:

Friends of Catholic Education

Friends of Catholic Education, Inc.
53 E Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701
P: 301-846-7804
F: 301-846-9907

For more information:

Knott Scholarship

Knott Scholarship Funds
5850 Waterloo Road, Suite 140
Columbia, MD 21045
P: 443-325-7884
F: 443-325-7883

For more information: