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International Students


Saint John’s Catholic Prep community represents students of different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe a diverse community contributes to an enriching experience of different perspectives, customs and traditions. An important part of our students’ global experience is the admission of well-qualified international students. International applicants must meet the international admission standards and demonstrating particularly adequate proficiency via interview in the English language. International students are required to submit the same materials as domestic students. To gain acceptance, international applicants must successfully complete all stages of the highly selective admissions process. 

International Policy

Saint John’s Catholic Prep will only consider international applicants who require an F-1 visa in grades 9 through 11.  Grade 12 admission is only based on extenuating circumstances.   

All international student applicants who require an F-1 visa to attend school in the United States and the applicants who have attended their secondary education in China and do not need an F-1 visa will need to contact Azure Education (AE). This includes students who currently attend a school in the U.S. on an F-1 visa.  AE will assist with all inquiries, applications and, should admission be awarded, the enrollment process. Should a student be offered admission and the offer of admission be accepted, AE will also provide a comprehensive set of student support services such as legal guardianship, assistance with I-20 related matters, health insurance, housing, Uniforms, textbooks, academic follow up and various activities. All international students must participate in a homestay program.

Saint John’s Catholic Prep is unable to work with international students independent of our partner, Azure Education. The only exception to this would be for the non-Chinese students already working with Mrs. Young Lee, who has served as an international coordinator for SJCP.

Please direct all of your inquiries and questions to the international admissions manager at Azure Education.

Azure Education
6727 Flanders Drive, STE 204-208
San Diego, CA 92121

Tel: (858) 876-4632 (Office), Fax: (858) 792-5367, Mobile: (858) 888-3603 Email:, Website:

Fee Structure for International Students (2018-2019)

1. Application Fee

$300 *

2. Tuition and Fees

$21,250 *

Comprehensive Fee

$650 *

International Tuition

$20,600 *

Deposit (non-refundable)

$5000 *

Tuition Balance

$15,600 *

3. Recruitment Fee   

determined by agency *

4. Living, Homestay, Guardian, etc.

determined by agency **

5. Student Expense Account (in school personal expenses, athletic fees, spirit wear, sports banquets, etc.) OPTIONAL 

$2,000 *

*all tuition and fees are paid directly to SJCP

**living and homestay fees are paid to the agency

Homestay Program for International Students

All international students must participate in Homestay

Saint John’s Catholic Prep is committed to providing the best possible opportunity and a well-rounded experience for our international students as they attend our school. In order to provide them with the maximum benefit, our international students will live with American families. Our international education partner, Azure Education, will maintain a list of acceptable American families and will make arrangements for each student's homestay. The goal is for students to be immersed in the English language and culture, which will greatly enhance their classroom understanding.

If you are interested in becoming a homestay family, please contact:
Azure Education
Phone: (301) 662-4210 x125

The general process for becoming an AE homestay is as follows:

  • Complete the AE Homestay Application Form
  • Provide four pictures. A family picture, a house front picture, a bedroom picture and a bathroom picture. You can also provide living room, dining room, and other rooms.
  • Complete the criminal background check.
  • Complete a home visit.
  • An AE student manager will review your application and approve it based on the process.
  • Upon approval, we will meet to sign the contract and W9 form.

Again, thank you for your interest and please complete the forms as soon as possible. Because the fingerprinting process can take a little longer to be sent back, we can schedule a meeting before if that fits your schedule. There are many places to do a Live Scan in your city. You are responsible for the Live Scan fees (approximately $35).

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

International Student Request for Application

Our International Students take a trips to visit places in and around the Frederick – Baltimore – Washington DC area. Some of the locations they have traveled to in the past or are planned for the future are: American University, Georgetown University, Smithsonian's National Zoo, Frederick Downtown Walking Tour, Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Walkersville Southern Railroad, Catoctin Mountain Park, Cunningham Falls Park, South Mountain Creamery, National Mall, Smithsonian Museums, Chinatown, Clarksburg Premium Mall, Inner Harbor, National Aquarium, Frederick Keys Baseball, and local bookstores, coffee shops, and restaurants.

International Students Visit American University