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Our Students Are Accepted to Some of the best colleges in the nation

Here is a partial list of where some of our graduates have continued their careers at the collegiate level:

Saint John's Catholic Prep is proud of the Class of 2020. Our 88 graduates were offered over $6.3 million in scholarships!

Class of 2020 Awards received:

The McElroy Award for exemplifying the pillars of our school to Morghane McAnelly and John Nelson.

The Viking Athletics ATTITUDE Award to Madison Kamer, Claire Rogers, Andre Sheppard, and Greg Solek.

The Pierce Athletic Awardsfor 3 season athletes, all 4 years, to Claire Rogers, Francesca Rosone, Bridget Scherer, Ally Crissman, and Emily MacLarty.

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas Award to Emma Adams.

The State Merit Scholar Awards to Bridget Scherer, Chase Shapiro, Katherine Goundry, and Sara-Fatime Yoda.

The National Honor Society Scholarship Award to Greg Solek, Kate Goundry, and Caroline Orlowski.

The Balfour Service Award to Stella Fleming.

The Salutatorian Award to Chase Shapiro.

The Valedictorian Award to Katherine Goundry.