Saint John’s Catholic Prep seeks to enroll college-bound students who are motivated to succeed in a rigorous academic environment.

The Admissions Committee will review complete application packages.


The Procedures for Admission includes the following:

  • A Saint John’s Application for Admission. Please attach a recent photograph of the applicant to the application.
  • A $65.00 application fee and a $40.00 testing fee (checks made payable to SJCP). If the student will be testing at another location, only the application fee is required.
  • A signed Transcript & Information Release Form. Please return this form to the Admissions Office with the completed application.
  • Official Transcripts
  • An Admissions/Placement Test
  • A Recommendation Form. This form must be completed by the student’s teacher, guidance counselor, or school principal/director. A student enrolled in an Archdiocese of Baltimore middle school mustsubmit the Archdiocese of Baltimore High School Information Form distributed by the student’s middle school. Parents must sign and return this form to their child's middle school. Therefore, students enrolled in an Archdiocese of Baltimore middle school are exempt from the Saint John’s Teacher Recommendation Form. Students enrolled in an Archdiocese of Washington middle school may submit their school issued recommendation form in lieu of the Saint John’s Teacher Recommendation Form. Additional letter of recommendation can be submitted.
  • A Personal Interview. Students will have a scheduled interview prior to the admission decision.




Only in extenuating circumstances does Saint John’s Catholic Prep consider transfer students for the 12th grade. Please contact our Director of Enrollment Management or Enrollment Specialist for more information.

Admissions Questions?

Kelly Weeks

Director of Enrollment Management

Emily Whittington

Class of 2010
Enrollment Specialist, Educational Assistant