Seton Program

What is the SetON ScHolars Program?

Seton Scholars provides support for motivated students who have mild documented learning differences. Without forgoing the high standards set by SJCP, The Seton Scholars Program restructures each student’s schedule to allow for a lighter course load and includes the Seton class for academic coaching with a resource teacher.

All Seton Scholar members can take advantage of:

  • Weekly lessons and class assignments related to learning strategies and/or critical thinking skills.
  • Executive Function support for scheduling homework, study time, and organizing materials.
  • Supplemental curriculum support (extra time to complete and assignment, specific guidance and structure for long or involved assignments, help with studying, etc.)
  • Tutoring help with topics or concepts that might be causing confusion.
  • “Chill time” for those who need a break from the hectic pace of an average day.
  • Support and encouragement to become self-advocates and to better understand any needs or preferences regarding the learning environment.
Seton Prep Center
Seton Room

Seton Classroom and After School Prep Center

Mrs. Janet Ryczko, Director of the Seton Program

Mrs. Janet Ryczko, Director of the Seton Program

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Janet Ryczko

Director of the Seton Program