Developing leaders with good hearts and discerning spirits

The college preparatory curriculum at Saint John’s Catholic Prep is designed to meet the needs and talents of each individual student. Each student’s schedule consists of core subjects - Mathematics, Science, English, History, Philosophy, Foreign Language, and Religion. Physical Education, Computer Science, Music and Art are also required. Students may select electives in major subject areas in addition to required courses.

In order to challenge each student appropriately, and allow each student to work to his or her full potential, Saint John’s provides general academic, honors, and Advanced Placement level courses. The general academic courses are designed to strengthen skills required in a college preparatory program while the honors courses, offered in English, Mathematics, Foreign Language, Science, and Social Studies, provide progressively greater challenges and more in-depth study. Qualified students are strongly encouraged to take Advanced Placement courses offered in English, Mathematics, Science, Government, and Foreign Language. Advanced Placement courses may allow students to earn valuable college credits.

Keeping pace with technology is a priority at Saint John’s. Using Windows-based software, students develop proficiency in word-processing, managing databases, spreadsheets, and basic programming. Students have access to the Internet in the school library and computer lab as a supplemental resource for research.


Educating in a joyful, Catholic community of faith, hope and love, Saint John’s Catholic Preparatory School prepares our student to be leaders with good hearts and discerning spirits as they pursue truth, academic excellence and service to humanity.

School Philosophy

Saint John’s Catholic Prep enjoys a long tradition of service to its students, its community, and to the kingdom of God. That tradition is rooted in the values established by its Jesuit founder, Father John McElroy, which in turn reflects both the message of Jesus and the way he taught through wisdom, reason, story and personal example.

We believe that our responsibility is to bring knowledge of the past to our students, to engage them in the present, and to prepare them for the future. The purpose of our effort is to create good citizens, sensitive to the needs of others, morally and intellectually responsible for our world and ready to account to God for their lives. To those ends we strive to offer a strong academic program intended to endow our students with the intellectual, spiritual, athletic, and aesthetic qualities needed to maintain the world as God intended at its creation.


  • To recognize the Magisterium of the Church in matters of faith and morals.
  • To provide opportunities for prayer, reflection, and service to others as an expression of one’s faith.
  • To maintain a code of conduct that creates an atmosphere of self-discipline and self-direction.
  • To develop within the individual a respect for self and for others in a family environment.
  • To encourage the student to grow as a critical thinker and to foster the fullest development of the individual’s academic and personal potential.
  • To encourage students to assume a responsible role in planning their course of study.
  • To guide students as they progress academically to appreciate the relevance of the past as it applies to both present and future experiences.
  • To motivate the student to strive not only for academic excellence but also for personal satisfaction and social fulfillment.
  • To support qualified instructors who, through a variety of techniques and experiences, assist students to reach their maximum potentials.
  • To provide for each student a core curriculum which is regularly evaluated based upon the needs of the student.
  • To provide resources which develop skills enabling students to pursue a lifetime of learning.
  • To enhance the academic program by providing extracurricular experiences which foster spiritual, intellectual, physical and social development.

Academic Leadership

Will Knotek


Jill Seaman

Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, Teacher - English