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Viking Sports Roundup - April/May 2018

With this edition of the Viking Voice, New Beginnings”, I am pleased to announce a new initiative for the school and athletics.

Beginning this summer, Saint John’s Catholic Prep will be partnering with Rehab 2 Perform to manage all aspects of our athletic training program, replacing our former provider, PIVOT.

This change brings to the school a new, professional comprehensive program for our student-athletes while opening a number of doors to assist us in future development in expanding our services on many levels.

For those of you who may not know the Rehab 2 Perform company, better known as R2P, it is a significant privately held entity dedicated to the overall mission of physical therapy, sports rehab, and performance evaluation. Their commitment to high school athletic training adds to their profile, and we are delighted to be the first high school in this groundbreaking partnership. R2P was founded by Dr. Josh Funk, who serves the company as the chief executive officer. R2P is headquartered in Frederick, Maryland with an additional office in Germantown, Maryland. A lifelong athlete,  Dr. Funk was a former star lacrosse player at Ohio State University. His graduate work was completed at the University of Maryland-Baltimore and he has additional certifications in strength and conditioning, Crossfit training and postural restoration.

Also spearheading this new initiative with Rehab 2 Perform and Dr. Funk will be Dr. Jarred Boyd. Dr. Boyd is not only a physical therapist but earned his Masters in Athletic Training at Shenandoah University. With experience at the University of Tennessee, the United States Air Force Academy and EXOS, Dr. Boyd brings a wealth of experience to this joint endeavor between St. John's Catholic Prep and Rehab 2 Perform.

We will soon see a new athletic trainer on site, working closely with the school and R2P to bring us the most contemporary of standards and best practices in athletic training. The new trainer will also bring vitality to the school through teaching in the new physical education & health curriculum.

Our next update will bring exciting announcements of additional improvements in athletics, along with updates on our many spring sports achievements and accomplishments. Please stay tuned as we turn the corner on “New Beginnings” to further enhance Saint John’s Catholic Prep’s athletic programs.

Peace be with you!  Cheers.

Dan S. Soller
Special Assistant to the President, Director of Athletics