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School Counseling - April/May 2018

This is a time of new beginnings for our seniors and their parents. As our senior class members prepare for graduation and moving on to begin their college experience, these tips may be helpful for students and their parents.

Recognize that this is a time of ambivalence:

Joy and excitement about opportunities awaiting our seniors are combined with senses of nostalgia and loss.  Talk with others who are going through the same thing.

Take comfort in knowing that each new college student takes an important part of "home" with them:

The foundation that families provide over the past 18 years will accompany students across the miles and throughout their futures.

Recognize conflicting emotions:

Future college students, like their parents, are pulled between past, present, and future. Their range of emotions may be significant. Providing support and understanding can facilitate opportunities for discussion about this next exciting stage of life.

Enjoy this time of celebration:

Try not to focus so much on the departure time to come. Instead, enjoy the full impact of graduation activities and fun of the summer days ahead.

Mrs. Seymour, Mrs. Anders, and Mrs. Hoehn wish all of our graduates and their families our best wishes at this very special time!!!  Congratulations!!


Julie Hoehn, MS, Ed., NCC
School Counselor
Paulette Anders, MBA, MS
College Counselor