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Principal's Corner - Back to School 2018

There is always a lot of “new” when it comes to a new school year. New teachers. New students. New courses. New opportunities. New challenges. For some schools, like with Saint John’s Catholic Prep, there is also some new leadership.

As the new principal of SJCP, I have been tasked with moving forward an already excellent college preparatory school. My first few months have been a lot of asking “How have we done it in the past?” and more importantly, “Why?”. Being new, I am in a unique situation where I can look at different areas of the school with a set of fresh eyes to identify things that we are doing well (and there are many) and perhaps things we can do better. Just yesterday I apologized to Linda Petrie for asking so many questions, and she responded, “No, keep asking! You’re making us all think about why we’re doing things the way we are!” 

And that’s what it’s all about. Constantly reflecting on our practice to ensure we are being the best we can for our students, our families, and our staff.

Beyond the safety and general well-being of our students, my top priority is, and will remain, our school’s academic program. I have begun an in-depth review of all things academic – course offerings, the school schedule, the AP Program, the Mount St. Mary’s dual credit courses, and the entire registration process. With that, ensuring that our teachers are given the support, training, and resources to do their job well has also become a major focus of mine. The addition of our Assistant Principal for Academics – Mrs. Jill Seaman – has been a blessing to our school. Not only has she been a resource to me, but she will provide important academic-related support to both our teachers and our students. My entire team is working diligently to provide our students with an educational experience that opens the door to endless opportunities after graduation.

While every school year will bring something “new”, our commitment to educating our students in a “joyful Catholic community of faith, hope and love” will always remain the same. May God continue to bless our school community as we embark on the 2018-2019 school year.

Will Knotek