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Parents' Council - February 2018

A small group of Parents’ Council members met on Tuesday, February 13 to receive updates on school-related issues.  Dr. Powell updated the members on the following subjects:

  • Ash Wednesday mass - The goal is always to get more students involved in the mass.
  • Staffing updates - Several staff members are out for medical reasons and Dr. Powell updated their status.
  • Enrollment for next year looks promising and work is being done to continue our programs with the international students, keeping that number to no more than 10% of the student body.  An appeal has been made to the SJCP community looking for someone to handle the Homestay program for our international students. 
  • Based on feedback from the Council in an earlier meeting, Student Directories were created and have been distributed to families.  If you have not received yours, contact the main office
  • Dr. Powell presented the Council with the information on the new Promises Campaign - the Campaign to finish our school. We are currently in the early phases of the campaign.  Packets were handed out and Dr. Powell showed them plans for the expansion.
  • The Council was taken on a tour of the new Delaplaine – Rocca Team Center, the new conference room, the re-located trainer’s room, and the new storage area.
  • Other issues were brought up by the Council members, including the volume of homework assignments, dress code, and teenage issues such as vaping. There was a discussion on these topics and Dr. Powell will follow up with the appropriate people where necessary.
  • An all-school Parent Survey is being created and will be out to parents by April 1.

The next Parents’ Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 10.

Michele Rogers
Alumni and Events Specialist