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Chaplain's Chat - February 2018

About twenty years ago while I was stationed in the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts, we traveled to Washington DC for the March for Life. Our first day we had a shock absorber blow up while we were making a turn onto Powhatan Road in Falls Church, Virginia. Three days later we are heading back to Fall River, Massachusetts on a bus; I was wiping the inside of the windshield most of the trip so the bus driver could see to drive on the highway.

Finally, I arrived home on Sunday at 1:00 am.  I stopped by my office where a note from my boss stated, "By the way you have the 8:00 am Sunday Mass." Very tired and worried about what I would preach later that morning, I looked up and said, "Lord, I do not want to worry. Please take care of my homily." I opened The Anchor, a Catholic newspaper serving the Diocese of Fall River, that was on my desk and read an inspiring story about Life and unborn children greeting their hero in Heaven. I hope you enjoy this story of someone who obviously has an amazing imagination. 

Fr. Mike Kuhn, YA
Campus Chaplain


"Marie, what's all the commotion about? The other kids are all excited."

"Oh, Matthew, he's coming to see us! Do you believe it? He's coming to see us!"

Matthew could not believe his ears. Would he actually get to meet his hero in person? Is it possible he would get to shake hands with the man who has been his champion for so long?

Matthew was not alone in thinking. All of the boy's friends would love to get the chance to meet him. What a day this was going to be!

Luke and Sarah bounced up to Matthew unable to contain themselves. "Matt did you hear?" beamed Luke.

"Yeah, I did! I can't wait!" responded Matthew. "This is so cool," added a giggling Sarah. 

"When is he supposed to get here? questioned Matthew. 

"Don't know," responded Luke. "He's got to meet with some other people first, I guess."

"But he is coming to see us, isn't he?" asked Sarah nervously.

"No doubt," said a confident Luke. "He loves kids. He'll be here."

"I had always hoped to meet Michael Jordan and Ken Griffey Jr. someday," said Matthew.  "Those guys just amaze me. But this is even better!"

"How come when you talk sports, you only mention male athletes?" said a defiant Marie. "Don't forget about Mia Hamm or Steffi Graf or Rebecca Lobo. They give as much blood, sweat, and tears as the guys."

Luke nudged Matthew in the ribs and said, "You know she's right old pal."

"Yeah," whispered Matthew, "but I'll never let her know that." The two boys laughed with glee causing Marie and Sarah to do the same.

"But, you're right, this is much better than all of those," agreed Marie.

"You know what makes him so special and such a hero to me? asked Matthew. "Just when it seems our team is going to go down to defeat, he rallies the troops and reverses the tide."

"Gee, couldn't you fit one more cliche in that statement, Matt?" chided Luke. Again the four children lit up with laughter.

"Yeah, but it's true," said Sarah. "No matter how young or old, or big or small, or what color you are, it doesn't matter to him. He knows that each member is important to the team and each has a special purpose."

"For sure," added Luke. "Even though we're so little, he can make people like us feel important and needed. And the beauty of it is that it's all genuine. From the gut."

"That's my hero, baby," exclaimed Matthew. "You know something, even if our parents didn't believe in us, he would." The four children exchanged knowing glances.

Suddenly, their attention was drawn to a commotion not too far from them. A large group of their cohorts was running toward the lone figure entering the room. Several took running leaps into his arms. Others jumped on his back or hung on to his legs.

"There he is!" shouted Marie.

"Look at everyone all over him," laughed Luke.

Look at the smile on his face," cried Sarah. "He's absolutely beaming!"

"C'mon. Let's go meet him," shouted Matthew.

The four ran over to the honored guest. Matthew stuck out his tiny hand to shake the large, weathered hand of his hero.

"Hi," he said smiling. "My name is Matthew, and on behalf of all the unborn children here in heaven, we welcome you, Cardinal O'Connor."