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Today We Pray. But We Need to Do More Than Pray

"So, today we pray. We pray for the family and friends of George Floyd. We pray for all who face discrimination and bigotry. We pray for our peace officers and those who protect us. We pray that those filled with anger will channel that energy to work for peace and justice.

But we need to do more than just pray. We need to recognize the evil of racism and work for change. That change starts with each of us.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

As we begin our next academic year, I will appoint a special task force of students, faculty, staff, and school leaders to seriously look at racism in our school community. This task force will develop and propose strategies to help us build a community that will be a beacon of love and justice."

- Letter From the President, Dr. Thomas Powell

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Today we pray, but we need to do more than pray.