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Teacher Appreciation Week

The Viking Parent Organization planned a week full of events during Teacher Appreciation Week to show their appreciation. The teachers and staff enjoyed nachos, candy, pizza, donuts, lunch and more. Thank you to our parent volunteers!

View photos from the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

For National Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7, the parents of our students had the opportunity to honor the faculty and staff at SJCP by making a donation in their name and sending a message letting them know what a positive impact they are having on their child. We have a wonderful team of administration, faculty, and staff making a difference every day!

In honor of Mrs. Emily Whittington: She was instrumental in our decision on having our daughter, Natalie, attend SJCP!! I cannot say enough wonderful things about her!!

In honor of Mrs. Paulette Anders: Mrs. Anders is a rock star. Not only did she have an open door for 4 years with Eleni (Class of 2018) as well as current students Michel & Nia (Class of 2022), Mrs. Anders offered counseling to Eleni this past winter and provided letters of reference for college transfer applications. That's service! Thanks, Mrs. Anders.

In honor of all the SJCP faculty, staff, and admin!

In honor of all the incredible teachers, Julie has had over the years.

In honor of all our administration, faculty, and staff!

In honor of Mr. Pete Strickland: Thank you to Mr. Pete Strickland for going way out of his way to provide encouragement to Michel Bedard after a game. Mr. Strickland sought out Michel, talked through the game & challenges and gave him an envelope with printed inspirational messages. Above & beyond the call of duty! Thanks, Mr. Strickland.

In honor of Mrs. Janet Ryczko and Mrs. Julie Hoehn for all they have done to support Gabe Casteel the past two years: They have had the best communication and have offered the most useful advice needed to make each year a success for Gabe and us. Brenda and Betsy thank you so much for the dedication to Gabe and all your students. You are great people!

In honor of Mr. Eugene Ambush for always being there and taking care of our students! He is a remarkable man and our family is truly blessed to know him and see his kindness!

In honor of all the faculty, especially Mr. Tim Van and Dr. Benard Mambo. Thank you!

In honor of Ms. Thanh Tran and Mr. Wayne Rousculp: Thank you to the amazing teachers who have gone above and beyond for our daughter Emily. Ms. Tran and Mr. Rousculp for their mentorship and the college recommendation letters, Mr. Peterson for his assistance with her college essays and graduation speech, and Mr. Krajewski for his spiritual support, guidance, and kindness. We are beyond grateful!

In honor of Mr. Bob Krajewski: Thank you, Mr. K! Haley has had you as a teacher for four years and she noted how you have shared more than just faith knowledge, but also your life experiences. You are definitely one of the teachers we hear about at home and we appreciate the positive role model you have been for our daughter.

In honor of all the teachers & staff: A token of appreciation to all the teachers & staff at SJCP for their great work, love & support to all the students at SJCP. Much Thanks!

In honor of our counseling office: Thank you to the counseling office for the great job they do helping our students navigate the complicated world of college admissions!

In honor of Pete Strickland: Keith and I would like to thank him for all that he did for our family this year. Going above and beyond contacting the Coast Guard Academy Women’s Basketball Coach to ask about commitment and praise Julie. Thank You, Coach!

In honor of Coach Hayes: A shout out to Coach Hayes for the hard work and dedication that he has provided to the football program. I know Tugboat has truly benefited from his advice and training! Fred thinks Coach Hayes is awesome too!