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Students Lead the School in Prayer

On Wednesday, March 14, Saint John’s students led the school in prayer, remembering those 17 students who lost their lives one month ago at MARJORY STONEMAN DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL in Parkland, Florida. After the 17 names were read over the school’s PA system, the following announcement was made by Campus Ministry Team member Mimi Pessagno:

“For those students who would like to continue praying for and remembering those lost at Parkland, you will be able to join us outside on the back patio for prayer and reflection in silence. Father Larry Frazier, Pastor of St. Joseph’s Carrollton Manor, will be joining us. As this is not recess, nor a time to play on your phones or talk with your friends, we ask students who wish to participate to be respectful and reverent. This gathering is optional and students who do not wish to participate will remain in their FLEX classrooms.”

On the patio, Father Frazier read a Gospel reading and gave a touching short sermon on our call to become instruments of peace in this world. After several minutes of silent prayer, senior Gloria Crider recited the Peace Prayer of Saint Francis and students returned quietly and respectfully back to their FLEX classrooms.