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SJCP Students Create "We Care" Bags for the Homeless

During the COVID-19 pandemic, SJCP students Hailey and Lexi Blotner became concerned about the homeless and how COVID-19 was affecting them. Their conversations lead them to take action. They decided to use their money to purchase items and create bags to pass out to the homeless to help. Hailey drew the hands forming a heart to create the "We Care" logo which they had printed on drawstring bags and filled with the purchased items such as, sunblock, hand sanitizer, feminine products, socks, water bottles, toothbrush kits, snacks, and masks. They are waiting on the ordered masks before they distribute the bags to the homeless in Frederick and the surrounding area. They wanted the homeless to know that there are people out there who care, Lexi and Hailey, "We Care". They’ve created a Facebook and Instagram account to share their message with others.   

We Care Bags for the Homeless