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SJCP Student's Blue Taco Business Gives Back to the Community

At age 14, SJCP student Blue Shapiro started Blue Taco and his business is not only flourishing but giving back to the community! Blue spent his summer renovating an old ice cream truck with his own savings and turned it into his food truck! Over the weekend, Blue and his team of SJCP students catered a charity event called Tacos for Tomorrow! They worked for HOURS chopping, prepping and cooking. Everything in each of the tacos (four different kinds so four times the work!) and every taco was made to order by them in that kitchen on Saturday. They then worked together to fulfill over 700 taco orders in under three hours. Not only did they work hard but they did so with humor, grace and worked so well together under pressure. They raised over a thousand dollars that night for local charities meeting the needs of children in our community. Blue generously donates all of his proceeds to local charities when he works events.

Check out his website here:

Blue Taco