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Philadelphia Field Trip

SJCP students, from a variety of classes, traveled to Philadelphia to explore the city. AP US History students visited Valley Forge and locations in downtown Philadelphia, including Independence Hall, Elfreth’s Alley, and the new Museum of the American Revolution.

The AP Psychology class had an educational and entertaining visit to the Philadelphia College of Physicians Mutter Museum. Students learned about the brain and brain pathology. They had the opportunity to examine brain slices and try their hand at diagnosis.

The French 3 and 3 Honors classes visited the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. The Museum is home to one of the world's greatest collections of impressionist, post-impressionist and early modern paintings. The Foundation impressive collection features 181 Renoirs (more than any other collection), 69 Cézannes (more than in all of France) and groundbreaking African art. The current featured exhibition is about of Berthe Morisot (French, 1841–1895), a major painter and a member of the circle of painters in Paris who became known as the Impressionists. She worked alongside Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The exhibition traces the exceptional path of a woman who defied the social norms of her time to join the Parisian avant-garde. 
It was a great day exploring the city of Philadelphia and this impressive collection of French artists. The trip was a prelude to our French impressionist’s presentation project.

We are so happy that all of our students enjoyed this trip! Some of the best learning occurs outside the classroom!

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Philadelphia Field Trip