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History Classes Enjoy History Through Old Family Recipes

In conjunction with Mr. Ross's history classes' study of the World Wars and their own family history, students are encouraged to bring in food from an old family recipe or region they are studying. 

Kevin Langley brought in a German apple pie for his class. The pie is a family recipe that was from his great grandfather’s bakery in Georgetown. Stohlman's Bakery was on Wisconsin Avenue and after it closed was part of a long-standing exhibit in the Smithsonian. The photos are of the artifacts that were on display in the Smithsonian until the 1990s.

Elena Murphy brought in her great grandmother’s date cookies and Zoe Hochstrasser brought in her great grandmother’s crepes. Dominic Rosone shared his grandmother’s Lemon Ricotta Cookies and Josephine Leslie shared her grandmother’s Brownies. Josh Lane made his great grandmother’s German Peach Kuchen and shared it with his World War I class.  Zach Frank-Rice made a French pastry called a Croquembouche in conjunction with the study of the French Revolution and the growth of Nationalism. Rico Hicks shows off his great grandmother’s Sweet Potato Souffle. Jayden Stier shows off his grandmother’s Christmas Salad.

View photos of foods from old family recipes

Stohlman's Bakery in Georgetown