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Catholic Schools Week at Catholic Prep

On Sunday of Catholic Schools Week, students participated in our local parishes' Catholic Schools Week Mass-- Lexi Stewart at St. John Evangelist, Emily MacLarty at St. Peter's, Christian Curlett at St. Peter's, Carly Danner at Holy Family, and Max Piraino  Saint Katharine Drexel. Students gave a testimonial during mass, shared our SJCP prayer card after mass, and spoke with families at our school table. We want to thank the parishes for supporting our school and continuing Catholic education! 

On Monday of Catholic Schools Week, we gathered as a community to celebrate Mass. In first-period class, our teachers prompted their students to ask a friend about something in their lives that they need prayers. The students wrote down the intentions and prayed for them at Mass. These intentions were collected and placed before the altar to symbolize God bringing us together as a community and taking our needs into His care.  Thank you to Joe Jancuk’s freshman Old Testament class for writing the Prayers of the Faithful. After attending our Catholic Schools Week Mass, youth ministers from local parishes passed out candy and flyers about their youth ministry programs and upcoming events. We encourage our students to get involved and represent SJCP at one of the parish events. Events include snow tubing, LifeTeen nights, and the Steubenville summer conference. Contact St. Joseph-on-Carrollton Manor, St. Ignatius of Loyola, Holy Family, St. Timothy, St. Katharine Drexel, or St. John the Evangelist to see how you can get involved.

On Tuesday of Catholic Schools Week, to show our students how much we appreciate them, some of our faculty announced over the PA system at the start of each class period one thing they love about our students.

“I appreciate my students sense of humor because they make it fun for me to come to work every day and in every way. “ -- Phillip Mees, Social Studies Teacher

“I love seeing the enthusiasm of our students in the hallways when I arrive – our students make SJCP the special place it is – to learn and work!” -- Julie Hoehn, Counselor

“I appreciate our students’ bravery.  They take on a lot at school and at home and they always do it with courage.  Thank you for teaching me and the rest of our faculty and staff how to be brave.” -- Kate Quinn, Director of Campus Ministry

On Wednesday of Catholic Schools Week, SNOW postponed our Honors Assembly.

On Thursday of Catholic Schools Week, Campus Ministry students welcomed our students and staff with a "Take What You Need" table. Students could take Scripture verses categorized by peace, hope, strength, comfort, and love to carry with them throughout the day as a reminder that God provides for our needs.

On Friday of Catholic Schools Week, our Campus Ministry Parents came together and donated an appreciation breakfast for our faculty and staff. Thank you to our parents for their generosity and kindness!

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SUNDAY Parish Visits:

Catholic Schools Week on Sunday students visited their parishes


MONDAY Visiting Youth Ministers:

Catholic Schools Week Visiting Youth Ministers

TUESDAY Student Appreciation PA Announcements:

Catholic Schools Week Student Appreciation PA Announcements

THURSDAY "Take What You Need" 

Take What You Need Table - Love, Strength, Peace, Hope, and Comfort

 FRIDAY Faculty and Staff Appreciation Breakfast:

Catholic Schools Week Teacher Appreciation Breakfast