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Explore Our Comprehensive School Calendar

Welcome to our school calendar hub, your go-to resource for staying informed about all the exciting events and important dates happening at Saint John's Catholic Prep. Whether you're a student, parent, faculty member, or community member, our calendars offer a comprehensive view of the academic, athletic, and dining schedules at our school.

Academic Calendar

Stay updated on academic events, holidays, exam schedules, and other important academic milestones throughout the year.

Athletic Calendar

Dive into the world of sports at our school with our athletic calendar. Discover game schedules, matches, tournaments, and other athletic events featuring our talented teams.

Lunch Calendar:

Keep track of our daily lunch menus and special dining events through our lunch calendar. Explore the variety of nutritious and delicious meals available to our students each day.

Explore our calendars to plan ahead, attend events, support our athletes, and enjoy the vibrant community life at our school. Questions about our academic programs or events? Contact SJCP for assistance and more! 

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