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Master Campus Plan Discovery Survey

What will our campus look like in the near and distant future? This is the question we are asking as we reflect on the past ten years here at our Buckeystown campus. 
As we approach the official closing of the Promises Campaign in June, we have a lot to be proud of in terms of campus growth and improvements since we moved to a new campus in 2013. In 2018, we opened the Rocca Delaplaine Team Center to include a new, larger weight room and locker room area. In 2020, we opened the St. Teresa of Calcutta Chapel, a much larger and modernized Viking Café, the Bettie Delaplaine Fine Arts Center, and the Crowley Multipurpose Room. In 2022, we officially opened Warner Stadium, as well as a new Student Support Center.
Looking to the future, we are in the process of beginning the next master campus plan for our school. At this time we are asking for your participation in a campus plan discovery survey that will help us to identify and understand both the immediate and long-term needs of our school. Input from all school stakeholders will help to guide planning decisions in the development of a collective vision for our school’s future.
In completing the discovery survey, please keep in mind all campus areas, including but not limited to: academics, student life, faith and spirituality, athletics, fine arts, campus infrastructure (i.e. parking, lighting, signage), campus/building aesthetics, etc.


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