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President's Letter

2019 begins our 190th year. Given the history of many private schools and Catholic schools, this milestone is impressive. No doubt we have been around so long because we have always focused on making continual improvements to help our students succeed. We have also been able to adapt and change while holding true to our core values. Today we continue to make improvements to better serve our students.

Guaranteed admission to college

I am particularly proud that our students have been recognized by 12 colleges and universities for guaranteed admission and a significant scholarship if they meet the required GPA and SAT scores. Our goal is to have this list grow to 20 colleges and universities. The scholarships being offered to our students are impressive and in most cases more than pay for high school tuition.

A unique program for seniors

Next year we will begin a new program for our seniors. A select group of 15-20 seniors will be able to complete their senior year while a freshman at Mount St. Mary’s University. Students will attend all their classes on the Mount’s main campus in Emmitsburg. They will earn 30 credits. Of particular note, students will still be able to participate in athletics and other Catholic Prep activities.

Our planned construction projects

The expansion of the school will add new learning spaces for our students and double the size of our cafeteria. Our new stadium will provide a wonderful, contemporary venue for football, soccer, and lacrosse. Hopefully, the construction will begin this summer.

We are waiting for Frederick County to allow us to connect to county water and sewer. County Executive, Jan Garner, and her team have been extremely helpful in securing the necessary permits. Once the County makes final approval our application will be reviewed by the State Department of Environmental Sciences. These connections are critical to our long-term success.

St. Theresa of Calcutta Chapel

I remain particularly excited about our new chapel that will be named for Mother Theresa. The plans have been completed and I am now seeking a few additional donors to help us complete the chapel. Once finished we can have daily Mass and easily accommodate 35 students. The chapel will be an appropriate place to pray and for spiritual activities and lessons. 

God bless,                                                                                                                   

Thomas H. Powell