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President's Letter


During this Lenten  Season, I hope that you and your family set aside some special time every day for spiritual reflection, prayer, and action. Lent is the time for us to prepare ourselves and grow in our understanding of how God is calling each of us to live our faith in service to each other. When I was a boy I simply thought of Lent as a time of denial, giving up some pleasure for God. Thankfully those simple acts have grown to a deeper understanding and appreciation of what God is asking me to do to live a more complete and rewarding life. During my Lenten season, I set aside daily time to better understand my faith and to commit myself to be a stronger Catholic more devoted to the teachings of Jesus. May your Lent be a time of spiritual growth.

We are so close

I came to Saint John’s Catholic Prep four years ago. Since then, I have been focused on building high-quality athletic fields for our students. I am sure that you have heard me speak about this goal on several occasions. Some have told me that they will never be built- yet here we are, so close.

After many challenges, I am confident our stadium with artificial turf will be a reality next year. We have a superb design, a great contractor in place, and we await final approval from the County to begin construction in September.

The final stadium will be the home field for football, soccer, cheerleading, and lacrosse games. The stadium will have bleachers and lights with concessions, restrooms, and improved parking. We will be able to use the new stadium for special school events and gatherings.

Our stadium fulfills a promise we made to our students when we moved from Prospect Hall to our new campus. Our new stadium will be a game changer for our school and our students. We will be able to proudly host home competitions and allow students to have lifetime memories of competing on their own home field.

The overall cost of the facility is $2,800,000. This is a hefty sum for a small high school. At present, we are $400,000 away from our goal. Over the next few weeks, I will be reaching out to our parents and alumni to help us reach the finish line. 

Building for the future always requires a sacrifice. It always has been so. We put off our needs and wants now, for something truly significant in the future. Like those who came before us and sacrificed to build the school we have today, we too are called to build for the future. So, I humbly ask for your support.

I know that all of our parents make a significant sacrifice to send their children to our school. Asking them again for help is not easy for me, but we are so close. Many of our friends and local businesses have stepped up to contribute for our kids. Now we rely on our parents and grandparents to help us reach the final goal.

Please help us with a gift. If you would like to visit with me to discuss a gift or a naming opportunity, please let me know. All gifts will be an immense help to allow us to complete our new stadium.

God bless,                                                                                                            

Thomas H. Powell