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In the event of inclement weather, please note that we follow Frederick County, Maryland public schools, We post any delays, early dismissals, and/or closings to the front page of the website and on Facebook, Saint John's Catholic Prep. We will also alert you by text message, email through our Rediker system.

Updated 2:15PM, FRIDay, december 14,2018

Haitian Sensation is collecting small toys for the children of Haiti: Please bring in small cars/trucks like Matchbox or Hot Wheels and small dolls with hair for Christmas presents for the children of Haiti. It costs so little and brings the biggest smiles. Your gifts need to be turned in by December 20.

Semester Exams are scheduled from Monday, December 17th through Wednesday, December 19th, with an exam make-up day on December 20th. Each exam day will consist of two 1 ½ hour exams – the first being at 8:30am and the second being at 10:30am. All students should report to school by 8am to ensure they are here and ready to begin exams promptly at 8:30am. If you are late, you will not be admitted to that exam and will need to return on the makeup day. Students will be dismissed at NOON every exam day. Buses will depart at 12:10pm and the school will close at 1pm. Please make sure to plan accordingly.

This year, exams will be given based on subject matter not the period you attend that class. All students will be taking the same subject exams on the same day. Students who do not have an exam in a subject area do not need to be on campus during that exam time.

 Monday, December 17th

8:30am - 10am – Science Exam

10:30am - 12pm – English Exam

Tuesday, December 18th

8:30am - 10am – Math Exam

10:30am - 12pm – Social Studies Exam

Wednesday, December 19th

8:30am - 10am – World Languages Exam or double subject taker option

10:30am - 12pm – Theology/AP Psych Exam or double subject taker option

Thursday, December 20th

8:30am - 10am – Make-up Exam or double subject takers

10:30am - 12 pm – Make-up Exam or double subject takers

We ask that any students who are double subject takers go to see Mrs. Seaman BEFORE exam week if they want to make a special arrangement for taking their second subject exam. We have two options for these students – take the double subject exam during the Theology or World Language time slots, or simply wait until the make-up exams times on Thursday.

 All teachers will hand out study guides and will take time the week before exams to review exam material. As in the past, these exams are cumulative and count as twenty percent of the semester grade and ten percent of the final grade.

Community Service Hours: All community service hours submitted through Mobile serve must have a form of verification.  Your phone signed by supervisor, and email response from supervisor, or photo of signed form.  If you have submitted hours, check to make sure they have been approved.  Many have not.  All hours for working blood drive, giving blood, or attempting to give blood, will be submitted by Mrs. Splaine, so you do not have to do it.  Any community service questions, see Mrs. Splaine.There are new community service opportunities on the board outside Mrs. Splaine’s room.

Junior rings and senior graduation things: Junior rings and graduation things must be ordered sooner rather than later to be sure all things arrive in a timely manner.  You may still order online but be mindful of deadlines for receiving graduation items and rings in time for celebrations!

Medication at school: If your student needs to take any medications at school from a cough drop to Epipens for allergies or asthma inhalers, you will need to have your doctor fill out the HealthLink medication at school form each school year and the asthma action plan, diabetes protocol or allergic reaction plan if your student is diabetic or needs to carry an inhaler or Epipen at school. All medications must be left in the main office (exceptions are Epipens and inhaler) and cannot be administered without proper documentation. Each medication must have a separate form. Your child's doctor must sign off on your student carrying an inhaler or Epipen and a separate action plan must accompany each order. Please contact Mrs. Petrie with any questions. The forms are available from the school website,, click on the Parents tab, click on Forms/Policies and then General Forms and Policies.